For questions and information about online shopping, returning, changing, product inquiry or tracking you can contact with [email protected]

For detailed information, offers or any recommendations you can contact with [email protected]


You can also give us a call from +90-212-320-37 37

Customer Service Office Working Hours

Monday-Friday: 10:00-13:00 /13:30-18:30 (GMT +2)

As part of the Covid-19 epidemic, we have taken precautions for the health of you and our store employees in our stores.

- There are hand disinfectants at certain points in our stores.
- Our stores are carefully disinfected at regular intervals.
- Hygienic disinfectant mats are used at the store entrances.
- During your store visits, a check is made with a thermometer.
- Tried products in disinfected cabinets are kept in isolated areas and then served.
- Our colleagues were informed about the use of masks, visors, gloves and social distance and were put into practice.

Your orders placed on our online store are packaged in accordance with high hygiene conditions and delivered to the shipping company.

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